Questions about Roca Balls
1. What are some of the benefits of using Roca Balls? -- Roca Balls can help build strength in the hands, arms, shoulders, and even the chest. They are ideal when incorporated into an aerobic workout regime. One or more balls can be used. Roca Balls are also ideal for use in many physical therapy exercises. Roca Balls can be used as a massage ball. 2. Is the surface material slippery? -- No. The surface is not slippery. It is a textured felt-like material. Even if your hands are sweaty, you will have better grip over vinyl or many other slick materials. 3. How many Roca Balls should I buy? -- At least two balls for is the suggested minimum so one can exercise both hands at the same time. For the one pound ball, four balls is the suggested minimum if you want to hold two in each hand. 4. How should I use Roca balls? -- Roca Balls can be used during aerobic and semi aerobic workouts to build arm, hand and upper body strength. They can also be used while doing non aerobic activites like watching T.V. or while on the computer. See our exercises page for some of the exercises you can do. 5. Besides weight, what is the difference between the one pound and two pound ball? -- The one pound ball has a 2.5 inch diameter and the two pound ball has a 3 inch diameter. For most adults, two one pound balls can be held in ones hand if their hand is large enough. 6. Who should use Roca Balls? -- Roca Balls are for anyone needing to build strength and coordination. They can be used by athletes for sports specific routines, for physical therapy, during aerobic routines, for use as a massage ball, and more! 7. Can Roca Balls be used for massage? -- Both the one pound and two pound Roca Balls can be used as a massage ball. The balls can be used for both rolling and pressure point techniques. Use one or more balls on arms, legs, and back. The weight of the ball will provide most of the pressure when used in rolling techniques, so less effort is required to perform the massage.