Roca balls can be used for doing many exercises that can help improve strength and coordination, help you warm up before hard workouts, and be used for injury prevention or treatment. They are ideal for people who use their hands and arms at work or in sport.

If you grip racquets, throw balls, climb rocks, swim, box, or do other repetitive tasks with your hands and arms, you can benefit from many of the exercises. Even office workers can benefit by doing hand and arm exercises.

The exercises shown here are just some of the exercises one can do. If you are new to exercise, have an injury, or history of an injury, always consult a medical professional or trainer before doing exercises with weights.

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Roca Ball Rotations

Exercise 1
Roca Ball Rotations - Large 2" Ball

Exercise 54
Roca Ball Wrist Flex

Exercise 2
Roca Ball Wrist Rotation

Exercise 3
Roca Ball Two Ball Wrist Flex

Exercise 58
Roca Ball Golfer's Elbow Twist

Exercise 55
Roca Ball Two Ball Golfer's Elbow Twist

Exercise 56
Roca Ball One Ball Rotation

Exercise 57
Roca Ball One Ball Finger Flex & Spin

Exercise 59
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