Man tossing up 2 pound Roca Ball.
Two ball rotation exercise. Ideal for strength and circulation.

Roca Ball Uses & Benefits

  • - Perform hand exercises such as wrist flexes and twists. Helps increase hand and forearm strength.
  • - Perform Baoding style two ball hand rotations. Helps increase hand and forearm strength and promotes finger dexterity and circulation.
  • - Ideal for tennis players and other racket sport players. Exercises can help strengthen the forearm to help prevent or treat tennis elbow.
  • - Ideal for golf players and rock climbers. Various exercises can help strengthen and warm up hands and forearm muscles.
  • - Roca Balls can be used for massage. Various rolling movements and pressure point techniques can be applied using Roca Balls.
Roca Ball Features
  • - 2.5 inch diameter for the 1 pound ball
  • - 3 inch diameter for the 2 pound ball.
  • - Rubber shell and 100% recycled steel.
  • - Felted surface. Does not get slippery if wet.

Made in U.S.A. from domestic and foreign materials.

100% recycled U.S.A. steel.

Video Demo - Baoding Style Two Ball Rotation Exercise
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